Nicky Blue’s Reader’s List


Nicky is a dumpy, middle-aged ex-goth who enjoys writing stories. He’s working on an ‘Alternative 80s’ series based on musicians from that era. He recently turned 50, and he’s worried he may die soon. So why not cheer him up and join his Readers List? He posts giveaways, free stuff and embarrassing photos of himself. He only emails about once a month (It takes him that long to work out something interesting to say). 

He’ll be sending you out the ebooks (shown below) straight away. So, if they don’t show up please check your promos section and remember to whitelist his email address.

Lets have some fun!



“‘I was cracking up from the first line.” Amazon Reviewer
“What an ending! Hilarious and terrifying!” Goodreads Reviewer

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