Numan Versus Numan


(My new dark comedy novel goes live on Saturday the 14th of December.)

Two tribute bands. One ultimate prize. Zero room for failure.

For years, The Romford Bombers have dominated the Gary Numan tribute band circuit. And then, last year, The Storm Troopers came out of nowhere and stole their crown.

The Bombers’ 56-year-old lead singer – named ‘Five’ – will do whatever it takes to win it back. He also has reason to believe The Storm Troopers are pursuing a hidden agenda, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.
As Five wrestles with his suspicions, the Romford and Dagenham Gary Numan fan club organise one final battle of the bands. The winner of which, will become the all-time ultimate Numan tribute act. The stakes had never been higher.

Five Enlists his best mate, Pete – wild card and hacker extraordinaire – the two dive into the dark web in search of answers.

Why is there no trace of The Storm Troopers before last year?

Why does Ross, the Troopers’ singer and Five’s nemesis, have suspicious gaps in his knowledge of Numanology?

Why does he work at the local undertaker’s and what is he doing all night long in the backyard?

And what would the real Gary Numan think about all this? Five has been writing to Gary, perhaps one day he will receive a reply.

Read the book to find out what Five discovers about the mysterious Storm Troopers, the damnable, girlfriend-stealing Ross and his sinister deeds!



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