The Apocalypse Is Coming

It’s true,

I know it is,

I’ve seen it on t. v.

Rain will turn to fire and robots will hunt people.

Everyone will have to move to Africa.

Or is it the other way around?


The Apocalypse Is Coming

I read it in a book.

Everyone’s legs will fall off and genetically modified worms will eat your brains.

It will be like Mad Max.

Nostradamus predicted Mad Max apparently. But in real life he will be a superhero that comes to rescue everyone.

Mad Max will save us.


The Apocalypse Is Coming

It’s all over the internet.

The government doesn’t mention it.

They think a strong economy will stop us burning.

I don’t think I trust the government anymore.


The Apocalypse Is Coming,

Don’t let them tell you any different.

It’s not a matter of how,

just when.

With the amount of research I’ve carried out,

I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong,

I hope not,

I’ve just bought a t shirt with it on.



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