I turned on the radio and Elvis was playing ‘Lonely This Christmas’. I found myself in tears, I’m not sure why. It’s never been so good, my eyes are open at last. Frank has left… but we all knew that was going to happen. He was just another automaton hiding from reality.

The men have been to my front door again. Government spies no doubt. I sometimes wish I could have had an easier calling, but most people go their whole lives without any meaning. I’m lucky.

While the inhabitants of this planet stare vacantly at their social media. I have stood up and acted… I am going to make a difference.

I couldn’t have done it without your help of course.

I’m going to carry out phase one tonight.

I wish you would let me know you are getting these messages, I built the radar to your exact specifications.

Till we meet,

Love Melon Head.


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