Stuck for something to read this weekend? here’s five of my favourite comic fantasy books, they are all Corkers! Warning a high degree of absurdist reality lies within these pages! 


 Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

In the fantasy humour genre,  Terry Pratchett is of course, rare and as a result, it’ll be quite difficult to go wrong with any book from his Discworld series. The Discworld rests upon four elephants who are standing on top of  Great A’Tuin an enormous turtle. Although ‘Small Gods’ is not the first book in the Discworld series it is a outstanding novel. I think it displays some of Mr Pratchett’s sharpest wit . How do you exist as being a god if no one believes in you? 


   A Dirty Job  by Christopher Moore 

A Dirty Job published in 2006, is the ninth novel by Christopher Moore, The story revolves around a ‘death merchant’ called Charlie who is tasked with rescuing and protecting the souls of the dying from the underworld. He does all this at the same as raising a daughter and running a store of course! His life becomes evermore complex as dark forces collude against him! Absurd and wonderful!


 The Princess Bride by William Goldman

‘The Princess Bride’ is not just a fab movie, it also is one of the most comic and  romantic fantasy books ever written. The story of Buttercup,Westley, and their posse engage  a high fantasy adventure involving wild beasts, pirates and the odd miracle. It’s a classic!


The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud

If, you missed out on the Bartimaeus Sequence, now is the time to grab yourself a copy of the book and read it. It is about a magician’s apprentice who decided to skip ahead in his studies and summon a 5,000-year-old djinni secretly for his own purposes. Luck not being on his side, the djinni he summoned happens to be the snarkiest magical being ever.


The Meaning of Liff: The Original Dictionary Of Things There Should Be Words For by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd

One of Douglas Adams most overlooked books I think probably because it is a dictionary! I found this hilarious, it aims to provide new words for the ‘hundreds of familiar experiences, feelings and objects for which no words exist’ For example do you know what an Ely is?

ELY (n.) – The first, tiniest inkling that something, somewhere has gone terribly wrong.


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